Special Products Division


The Special Products Division is a small owner operator fleet that runs nationwide servicing a wide range of challenging loads, including high value products, electronics, delicate equipment, store fixtures, and trade show exhibits/items. If you have 12 months experience or more transporting electronics or other specialized goods, consider an opportunity with the Atlas SPD.

Why is this Division Right for You?

Pay $1.​​3​4 per mile (average in this division)
Freight Dry Van - Light loads of 15,000 - 25,000 lbs.
Bonus Annual mileage bonus beginning with $.03 per mile from 32,500 - 65,000 miles and $.04 on 65,000+ miles for the first year ($.10 on all miles over 65,000 in year two, and continued increases over time)
​Fuel Discount  Average $.​29 per gallon off the pump price last year
Benefits Fuel surcharge paid on all miles, free truck washes, free PrePass, weekly direct deposit, Comdata card, cell phone allowance and more! (see below)
Drivers 100% Owner Operators

 Apply Now  or call 800-525-3029

Your Compensation

Our contractors are among the best paid in the industry. The recent annual average is $1.​​5​​​6 per all dispatched miles (loaded or empty).

Equipment Requirements

  • Copy of title or lease
  • Tandem axle tractor, no older than 12 years
  • Air ride suspension
  • Fifth wheel height 48" maximum from ground
  • Legal length with a 53' trailer and certified empty weight
  • Must pass our D.O.T. inspection
  • Tractor painted to Atlas specifications (talk to your recruiter about reimbursement)

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1. Are you currently at least 22 years old?

2. Do you have a valid Class A CDL?

3. Do you have more than 1 year experience OTR?

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5. Do you have any moving violations in the last 3 years?

6. Have you been involved in any accidents or incidents in the last 5 years?

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Driver Benefits

  • Division average of $1.​5​6 per all dispatched miles (for individual; team pay is higher)
  • Trips settled each week (direct deposit)
  • Scale tickets reimbursed
  • Comcheck® card
  • Trailer provided at no charge
  • Lift gates on all trailers
  • Atlas provides all inside van equipment
  • Uniform allowance
  • Atlas pays for state permits
  • National tire discounts 
  • Fuel and mileage taxes filed for contractor
  • Qualcomm®
  • Rider program
  • Open door program (you're one of the family!)
  • Group insurance rates
  • Travel service
  • 24/7/365 road service assistance
  • Orientation pay


Our owner operators benefit from fuel surcharge paid on ALL MILES (loaded and deadhead), a national fuel discount program that rivals the industry’s largest carriers’, and light dry-van loads that average 15,000 – 25,000 lbs.

Fuel Surcharge

We pay fuel surcharge on all dispatched miles (loaded and deadhead), and our fuel surcharge increases faster than most (every $.05 instead of every $.10 like most carriers). We also pay a higher fuel surcharge amount than others. See the examples below. 
Fuel Surcharge Examples
Annual National 
Fuel Cost Average
Fuel Surcharge 2,500 miles Fuel Surcharge 115,000 miles
2016 = $2.30/gallon $475 $21,850
2015 = $2.71/gallon $650 $29,900
2014 = $3.82/gallon $1,125 $51,750

Fuel Discount Program

Our drivers enjoy a fuel discount program with reductions comparable or better than large fleet carriers. This amounts to huge savings!
Fuel Discount Examples (estimated)
Annual National Fuel Discount Average 2,500 miles 115,000 miles Savings on 150 gallons Savings on 250 gallons
2016 = $.29/gallon $121 $5,558 = $43.50 = $72.50
2015 = $.34/gallon $142 $6,517 = $51 = $85
2014 = $.28/gallon $117 $5,367 = $42 = $70

Fuel Saving Light Loads

Our typical freight is dry-van shipments averaging between 15,000 - 25,000 pounds, saving our drivers fuel and wear and tear on their equipment. Typical commodities in the Commercial Truckload Division are retail fixtures, furniture, electronics, household goods (shipped from agent to agent), and trade show exhibits/items. Special Products Division transports truckload and LTL high-value commodities that often require special handling but do not weigh in heavy. Typical commodities include high-value products, electronics, delicate equipment, store fixtures, and trade show exhibits/items.

Do you know another driver?

Refer a driver now and receive a $500 payment when the driver qualifies.
Call 800-525-3029 or Write to jobs@driveatlas.com

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