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Latest Safe Drivers Listing - December 2014

The following is the December 2014 Safe Drivers list. In this month, we have 17 van operators (32% of this list!) who have exceeded 1,000,000 safe miles. Special recognition goes out to Richard Riley (Imlach [1130]) who tops this list with 2,050,000 safe miles this month.

Your attention to safety matters. Not only does it keep you running safely every day, but it ensures the safety of other motorists. Thanks for all you do to be responsible, for being thorough in your pre-trip inspections and in how you operate on a daily basis!

Driver NameAgent NameAgent CodeMiles
Richard DrakeWinter107775,000
David PetrucciSpecialty1811100,000
Cengiz AvciKing's8243100,000
Terry HayesFinkbiner344100,000
Craig DavisAce142100,000
Allah AliGuardian1111100,000
Paul MelloCorporate773100,000
Brad BrownMabey's1415100,000
Cedric MooreDaniel's1390100,000
Christopher TupperSalmon's8888100,000
Bonergues MoranPhilpot2611150,000
Thomas HowellDMS800150,000
Michael CochranNMS1533200,000
George PancoastPrager1555200,000
Kevin DaillPrager1555200,000
Marvin JonesAtlantic1038200,000
Chris NyeA-168200,000
Richard SchraderPrager1555250,000
Luis VargasPowell1657250,000
Jeffrey RogersAMJ423300,000
Kenneth Makares, Jr.Advance59300,000
Robert FlanaganReads1714350,000
James RybasackImlach1130350,000
Timothy DeZeeuwFoster944350,000
Christopher RuizReads1714400,000
Marek SzczepanskiLouderback76400,000
Daniel TatumDMS801400,000
Trinity ProvinAce36450,000
Dennis WickmanSPD7868650,000
Raymond ChambersAmerican103650,000
Jerry RuffinelliComtrans644700,000
Edward RoemerComtrans644750,000
Antonio BeltranComtrans644800,000
Daniel DearSPD7894850,000
Kenneth DubbeldeAce36900,000
William AlexanderPaxton1614950,000
Kevin WilsonReads17241,000,000
Darrin TinsleyAce361,050,000
Michael GastonSpecialty18111,100,000
Richard CarrellAnderson2611,100,000
Richard WhennenNelson Westerberg15171,100,000
John ArnoldSpecialty18111,200,000
Jesus HerediaCertified5991,200,000
Lonnie BaxterSpecialty18111,300,000
James PutzAce361,350,000
Richard LewisNelson Westerberg15051,350,000
Ronald HarveySpecialty18111,400,000
Steven WynnSpecialty18111,400,000
Francisco DonaSPD76531,500,000
Daniel McDermottSpecialty18111,600,000
James OsbornSPD79311,750,000
James WheatWeleski21511,850,000
Richard RileyImlach11302,050,000