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Commercial Truckload Division

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Upgrade your career and lifestyle through great pay, benefits, and a partnership with Atlas Logistics®. Be a part of our continued roadmap for success, founded in fairness and financial stability. 

Drivers Needed

Atlas is signing on Class A CDL Owner Operator solos and teams for the Commercial Truckload Division (CTD), a small fleet running coast-to-coast drop & hook and dock to dock shipments of new products, household goods, store fixtures, office furniture, and trade show exhibits. 

Why DriveAtlas?


Owner Operator Fleet (lease purchase options available as well)


Atlas recently increased our driver pay! Currently $1.98 per mile average. This average includes both loaded and empty mileage pay. Fuel surcharge is paid on all dispatched miles!

Average miles per week: 
Single Operation- 2,700-3,200 miles per week
Teams- 3,500-4,200 miles per week


Dry Van Truckload Shipments - Light loads typically 15,000 - 25,000 lbs. and common commodities include new products, store fixtures, household goods, office furniture, and trade show exhibits. 

Fuel Surcharge

Current fuel surcharge is $.65 paid on all dispatched miles (loaded & empty). Based on the weekly national average (as reported by the U.S. DOE), our fuel surcharge model often covers most of our drivers' cost of fuel. When combined with nationwide fuel discounts, drivers can cover all of their fuel costs or even make extra revenue from the fuel surcharge! See more on this below in the How is Fuel Surcharge Determined and Paid section. 

‚ÄčDiscounted Fuel

Nationwide average $.91 per gallon off the pump price in July 2022 (savings as high as $1.55!). Our drivers receive discounts from TA, Petro, Pilot, Flying J, Love's, Sapp Brothers and others.


Annual mileage bonuses are paid as an additional $.05 per mile on your weekly settlements (which means you don't have to wait months at a time for your bonus to be paid out in installments). The mileage bonus also increases the longer you contract with Atlas!


Apply Now  or call 800-525-3029


What our drivers like the most is this job is primarily NO TOUCH and moving lightweight shipments (typically 15,000 – 25,000 lbs.), which is easy on an owner operator’s rig and fuel budget! Atlas is widely known for household moving. But while the CTD transports household goods, these drivers are moving full truckload shipments (not lumping boxes or furniture) from dock to dock, yard to yard and primarily in the summer. Other goods transported by CTD include store fixtures, office furniture, electronics, and trade show exhibits. 


CTD is an owner operator fleet that runs all 48 (coast to coast with some operation flexibility) transporting truckload dry-van shipments.

Additional Route Options

  • Dedicated Route 1 - Southern IN to Bay Area, Southern CA to Southern IN
  • Western 11 & Eastern 37
  • Will consider your regional restrictions; contact us to learn more.

Driver Benefits

  • Fuel surcharge paid on all dispatched miles
  • Nationwide fuel discounts
  • Flexible home time and no forced dispatch
  • Paid permits and Cargo Liability Insurance
  • Tolls paid nationwide (only two exceptions)
  • 2 Free Blue Beacon Truck Washes/ month
  • ComData Fuel Card (no hidden company charges)
  • Weekly direct deposit settlements
  • Free bobtail insurance 
  • Clothing allowance
  • Cell phone reimbursement
  • Orientation pay and free room and board during orientation

Optional Benefits

  • Health, Dental, Life Insurance available 
  • National tire account
  • Maintenance program
  • 24/7/365 road service assistance
  • Travel service available
  • No cost year-round rider program for adult riders 18 yrs or older
  • Pets allowed
Apply Now  or call 800-525-3029

What is Included in Our Drivers' Mileage Pay? 

The mileage rate we advertise is based on a recent 12-month average. We show you a true average of what our drivers are making in a full year, including the highs and the lows. And this is what is included in that average:

  • Mileage Base Pay - we pay ALL dispatched miles, loaded and empty
  • Fuel Surcharge - $.65 (as of 8/8/2022) paid on ALL dispatched miles, loaded and empty
  • Tolls paid nationwide
  • Annual Mileage Bonus - You earn more the more miles you run, and your mileage bonus increases the longer you are operating with Atlas.
  • Additional Pay for the following: Stop pay, detention, lift gate usage, truck order not used, equipment inventory and reset.

While many drivers are accustomed to being paid a percentage, our per-mile model ensures you never have to be concerned about whether or not the freight you are hauling will provide you the revenue you need to be profitable. By combining our fuel surcharge with the huge discounts received nationwide, your income is stable regardless of fluctuations in fuel pricing. Likewise, your income is steady even when freight transportation costs plummet.

What Are the Mileage Bonuses?

While most companies lean on sign-on bonuses, paid out at different points throughout the year, we pay a startup mileage bonus of $.05 per mile in the first year

Beginning in your second year, annual mileage bonuses apply and continue to increase over time. These bonuses are paid on all miles over 65,000 each year and as follows:

  • Years 2 - 4 = $.10 per mile
  • Years 5 - 9 = $.13 per mile
  • Years 10 - 14 = $.16 per mile
  • Years 15 and beyond = $.19 per mile

How is Fuel Surcharge Determined and Paid?

Our owner operators benefit from fuel surcharge paid on ALL MILES (loaded and deadhead), and our fuel surcharge increases faster than most (every $.05 instead of every $.10 like most carriers).

Current Fuel Surcharge: $.65 per mile (as of 8/8/2022)

Fuel surcharge is provided based on current D.O.E. National Average, and we have consistently had the highest surcharge for van type operations in the industry.

Below are some examples of how our fuel surcharge can work for you. 

$4.99 PPG / 6.4 MPG = $.78 CPM
$.78 CPM - $.65 FSC = $.13 CPM
      $6.99 PPG / 6.4 MPG = $1.09 CPM
$1.09 CPM - $1.05 FSC = $.04 CPM
$4.99 PPG / 7.5 MPG = $.67 CPM
$.67 CPM - $.65 FSC = $.02 CPM
  $6.99 PPG / 7.5 MPG = $.93 CPM
$.93 CPM - $1.05 FSC = ($.12) CPM
$4.99 PPG / 9 MPG = $.55 CPM
$.55 CPM - $.65 FSC = ($.10) CPM
  $6.99 PPG / 9 MPG = $.78 CPM
$.78 CPM - $1.05 FSC = ($.27) CPM


  • Definitions for chart above: MPG = miles per gallon; PPG = price per gallon; CPM = cost per mile; FSC = fuel surcharge.
  • Text in blue and in parenthesis, ex: ($.10) CPM, represents a positive earning rather than a cost.
Apply Now  or call 800-525-3029

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