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Be Ready for Roadcheck 2015

Roadcheck 2015 is just around the corner – BE PREPARED! This year’s Roadcheck is scheduled for June 2-4. It is estimated the inspectors will be conducting nearly 75,000 inspections. Here are some figures from last year’s Roadcheck event:

  • 73,475 inspections were conducted
  • 23% of the Level 1 inspections resulted in out of service violations (oos)
  • 4.8% of the drivers inspected were placed out of service
  • 46.2% of the vehicle oos violations were related to brake system violations
  • 46.5% of the driver violations related to hours-of-service

You must be prepared to avoid being one of the above mentioned statistics for this year’s Roadcheck. Ensure your vehicle is properly maintained and perform thorough pre-en-route and post-trip inspections every day. Check all your lights and connections to ensure everything is in working order. Having your brakes inspected and checked prior to Roadcheck 2015 could avoid your vehicle being placed out of service for brakes out of adjustment. Make sure you are in compliance with DOT rules and regulations and your logbook is accurate and current at all times. Also, make sure your current medical is on file with your state DMV and be sure to wear your seat belt.

Finally, as a reminder, any and all defects discovered during these inspections will be included in the CSA Safety Measurement System for Atlas Van Lines.

Roadcheck 2015 is next week. WILL YOU BE READY?